New Book Announcement: An Unlikely Refugee

Hello, Everyone! I’m pleased to finally announce that our new book An Unlikely Refugee: The Story of a Python Named George is finished and ready to be put into the hands of the world at large. Things have been dormant here at Artagem for quite a while but rest assured it is only because I have been very busy with my nose pressed firmly to the drawing table (I’m getting good at drawing with my nose). Just like with Shattered With Curve of Horn I am running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of An Unlikely Refugee. Starting today the campaign will run for 30 days. The goal is $6900 for printing costs and shipping fees. As the book is all done, this is the last puzzle piece to fall into place. If you’re a longtime fan, or new to the site and my work, now would be the perfect time to support independent graphic novels by contributing to the campaign and getting your very own beautiful hardbound copy of An Unlikely Refugee! And don’t forget to share the Kickstarter link. Share early, share often!


For those still on the fence, let me delve a little into An Unlikely Refugee and see if I can’t convince you to fork over a mere fifteen dollars for this extraordinary tale:

In the earliest days of the Vietnam War, a Burmese python is rescued by U.S. Army Special Forces and becomes an unofficial member of their unit before being wounded, gaining a Purple Heart, and finally immigrating under secret circumstances to the United States. “George,” as the python was named, subsequently lived in the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences as a star attraction for nearly 30 years. An Unlikely Refugee combines fact and fantasy to chronicle George’s extraordinary life from birth until death, relating the complete story from the snake’s perspective in an entrancing, poetic story of survival and stardom.

If you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter it’s a crowdfunding platform that allows creators to reach out directly to their audience to help support their creative works, allowing for a closer creator/audience connection than ever before. I’ve included a number of fantastic reward tier levels for the Kickstarter including the opportunity to commission original artwork from me at a significant discount. For the month of May you will be able to commission original 9” x 12” drawings from me or an original painting up to 24” x 36”, but commission slots are limited so snap them up early!

Lastly, whether you have the ability to support the project financially or not, we can always use a signal boost. It’s free to share our project with your social circle on Facebook, Twitter, email or whatever flavor of online interaction you prefer and it’s an enormous help!

Here is a preview of the first eight pages:

And the wraparound, painted cover image:

GeorgeCOVERwrap1Also, the first 125 physical copies of An Unlikely Refugee will receive a free bookplate for the interior!