So, we’ve got a new look going on here.  I wanted something of a more “complete package,” and I hope everyone like it.  Since I’m halfway through the drawing of Shattered I think that I’m starting to gain an understanding of the specific feel of the project. The overall mood of a thing can be hard to nail down, but I really do believe that it should come through in the advertising and packaging of the product. The advertising and the packaging should be a promise that the story then (hopefully) fulfills. To that end I’ve gone with some graphically bold choices that I see as pretty successful.

In the interest of giving back to all the great sites that have been sending readers this way I just wanted to bring up two that I really appreciate.  Chances are you’ve already ran across these two but there they are for those that are new to the game:

InkOutbreak – A really fantastic site to find new webcomics.  Started just two years ago they’ve grown into a massive place to find great stories and hard-workin’ artists.

Comic-Rocket - Still in their BETA (at the time of this writing) and though they’re new they’ve already made a big splash, indexing a huge archive of webcomics.