Look at all that paper…wait, what’s this? 100%? 100%! Yes, ALL of the drawing is finished for Shattered With Curve of Horn. I can hardly believe this day is finally here. I have 138 pages in the bag, though I might end up adding two more to the print version of the book, bringing the story up to 140 in total. It’s amazing to feel the accomplishment here. That stack of paper represents about a years worth of work planning and executing. This will be my first finished project to see the light of day, as the two other graphic novels I’ve completed will likely never be published (the first simply because it was my first project and it has obvious problems that limit it, and the second because I don’t own the rights to the story).


But for the moment my efforts are all being funneled into finishing the coloring of this baby. I’m solid up to page 93 at the moment, which gets me through September as far as updates go. I expect that coloring of the remaining pages will take somewhere on the order of another month or two, depending on how fast I can lay down those flats.

Speaking of the work of the next few months: I think it’s time I reveal my plans regarding Shattered With Curve of Horn. So check back next week for a special update where I break it down.