Well now, it’s time for the big announcement. Four weeks ago (can you believe how quickly that went?) I ran a contest for the FIRST drawing of Matthew Dyer that I did way back almost a year ago when I started this project. After all the comments, likes, tweets, etc, the lucky, random winner is Omara Kurzdorfer! Thanks, Omara, for your support. Get in touch with me and the drawing will be delivered to your doorstep, wherever you are in the solar system.

On the heels of that, we have a new contest. The above drawing is of dear Shane Lee, who is featured somewhat less in Shattered With Curve of Hornbut is no less important than any other character. The same parameters apply: For the next four weeks, whoever tweets, likes, blogs, comments or otherwise does anything to raise Artagem’s profile is automatically entered into the drawing. Not only that, but I’m raising the pot, not only will you receive this original signed ink drawing, but I’ll include one other special “mystery” prize in the package! So get out there and hit the keyboard, slap that boot leather or whatever else you need to do and enter as many times as you like, pals!

One other note, regular readers may not yet have noticed but I have a brand new title page up for Shattered With Curve of Horn. It’s right at the beginning where it belongs. Check it out, I’m very pleased with it: NEW TITLE PAGE. Could this mean we’ll see a cover soon? Hmmmmm, maybe.