This is a big day, friends! It’s the one year anniversary of Shattered With Curve of Horn’s  debut. 52 weeks of unabated updates and here we are, about to finally learn what it’s all about. Caitlin wants to see. I know you want to see too!

Annotations for pages 104 and 105:

- Showing the back of the Minotaur “cut-out” was a last minute addition that I’m really glad I put in. It’s not in the original artwork, but was put in wholly digitally. Overall I just really love that first panel.

- The eye glow was also a part of this sequence that was not originally considered. Sometime during the coloring process while I was figuring out what the “dream avatar effect” would be I ended up adding the eye glow and loving it.

- At this point, I’ve drawn that old Honda CRV so many times I could draw it in my sleep.