Good morning, everyone! Well, on Monday I got a great surprise in the mail. The proofs arrived and boy do they look fantastic. So, what came in the box? I have three items here: A set of mock up, very quick and dirty digital prints, like what you’d get off of a normal digital printer. Those are assemble and cut on the bleeds, basically just to make sure that registration and page layout looks good. You can see those at left in the upper picture. Next there’s the dummy book. That’s a blank version of the final book. It has all the specifications, size, paper, cover style, that the final book will have. It’s just completely blank. Then, the most important item are the ozalids (right side of pic). The ozalids are meant to check color and printing quality. So it’s basically a fully printed, unbound book. I was very impressed with the way the digital coloring transferred to the paper and I think everyone is just going to love this book so much! Let me tell you, it was really fun reading it through in book format, as it was originally intended.

I already went through everything, caught the last handful of typos and sent them off with my approval, which means we’ll be moving into the next phase of production! Don’t forget, if you missed the Kickstarter, I’m taking pre-orders of the book at a discount rate for the next few weeks:!

Dummy_book_1 dummy_book_2 ozalids_1 ozalids_2 proof1