Happy Monday and happy new page, pals! Just in case anyone is wondering, Nightswimming was created 100% digitally. While SWiCH was drawn traditionally in pen and ink and ink wash, then scanned in to be colored digitally. Nightswimming was drawn in Manga Studio and then colored via Photoshop. I LOVE digital tools, they’re very versatile but just recently my interest has started to really swing back in the other direction. The current book I’m working on (as yet unannounced, but previews SOON!) is very much a traditionally constructed piece of work, and I’ve really been enjoying getting deep into inking territory with it. Anyway, hope you enjoy the page; hey we’re already at the halfway point of our little hiatus. How ’bout that?

Nightswimming Page 1

Nightswimming Page 2

Nightswimming Page 3

Nightswimming Page 4

Nightswimming Page 5

Nightswimming Page 6