Good morning, everyone! I’m back from a trip and here’s your new page. Little bit of a cliff hanger for you, ha. Got lots of things in the works right now. Spent the morning developing the next webcomic (after SWiCH) with my writing partner. Research, character studies, names and world-building are all DONE! Which means it’s time to write and then draw, draw, draw. Can’t wait to unveil the next story here. Well, that’s a few months off and we still have the last two pages of Nightswimming and the rest of Shattered With Curve of Horn to get through. Whew!

Nightswimming Page 1

Nightswimming Page 2

Nightswimming Page 3

Nightswimming Page 4

Nightswimming Page 5

Nightswimming Page 6