That’s a wrap, friends! The last page of Nightswimming, a quick lil’ coming-of-age ditty. Hope you enjoyed it. We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week. It’s felt like forever hasn’t it? Well, I hate to keep teasing everyone, but my writing partner is hard at work on our next project and it’s a quarter of the way there and all I can say is WOW! She’s turning out to be a much better writer than me, so I’m just so pleased with how things are going and it looks like I’ll be able to begin drawing the next project at the end of March, which means you’ll start to see some real teaser updates here!

Nightswimming Page 1

Nightswimming Page 2

Nightswimming Page 3

Nightswimming Page 4

Nightswimming Page 5