What is this place?

Artagem is the catch-all for graphic stories made by Max Miller Dowdle. It’s a self-publishing fantasy only made possible by the enchantment of the internet. If you like what you see please pass the site along to a friend, and if you don’t, then please subject an enemy to it.

Who’s this guy: Max Miller Dowdle?

After the requisite BA in painting and art history from the College of Charleston I attended the classical atelier of Charles Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy. It was my pleasure to learn the methods and minds of the masters of portraiture while I lived the ocher and cerulean lifestyle of an American in Italy, resulting in a gelato addiction. Desiring the ability to tell more of a story than a single static painting could provide, I’ve gradually found myself here, presenting to you a series of sequential static pictures that should result in something cohesive. An equal love of writing and drawing has conspired to create this desire to weave graphic tales, and a latent need for validation causes me to set it out there for others to see. Speaking of, if you’re in the mood for some paintings, they’re here: www.MaxMillerArt.com

So what are Stray Flights?

This is where you’ll find little experiments. Short works that don’t really have any other home. Think 2000 AD’s Future Shocks, or old Heavy Metal stories.