“Deeply character-driven, Shattered With Curve of Horn is a mystery story that unwinds through an uncomfortable conversation that digs at the trio’s battered friendship before taking a turn for the more fantastical.” -Lauren Davis io9.com

“Subtle, surreal, familiar, and strange, Shattered With Curve of Horn is one of the most artistic, intricate works I have ever been shown.”Bedlam Reviews

“Having set out to catch our collective attention, Shattered With Curve of Horn has certainly succeeded: I, for one, am quietly but deeply enthralled.” – Robert Wallis AP2HYC.com

“Perspective of a true artist – check. Draws a big picture & makes a great point – check. Enters a rarely explored territory of graphic novels – check. What territory, you say? Metaphysics.” - Luke Anthony TheOuthousers.com

 “…one of the best webcomics I have ever read.”top100graphicnovels.com

Welcome!  Here it is, friends, my forthcoming graphic novel.  I’m thrilled to be putting this story out there for everyone to see.  So, “what’s it all about?” you may be wondering.  There’s far too much fun to come, and I don’t want to spoil any of it, so consider this a teaser to spark the fire:

Would you ever dream…in tandem with a partner?

Does your every creative idea…originate in the mind of another?

Is it possible you share a memory…with a stranger?

Will you remember the death of a friend…through the eyes of their lover?

On the eve of his major new exhibition of paintings, prosperous artist Matthew and his wife Caitlin, a pharmaceutical company administrator, encounter an old friend, a philosophical ex-con named Pierce. Pierce confronts the couple about the enigmatic, experimental drug that they took eight years ago, and the puzzling circumstances that led to his incarceration.  In light of Pierce’s revelations Matthew must fight to keep his marriage and career secure, for the secret of all his success may have sprung directly from Pierce’s tragedy.

With subtle sci-fi overtones and a noir sensibility, Shattered With Curve of Horn is an intimate look at the threads of friendship and history, and how they can become re-woven by time, and altered by the powerful warp of creative ideas.


How long will Shattered With Curve of Horn be?

Shattered With Curve of Horn will be a full-color, single volume graphic novel clocking in at 140 pages.

What does Shattered With Curve of Horn mean? What kind of title is that?!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this question. Yes, it’s true, it’s a very strange title but I’ll make you a promise. By the last page of the story you will know exactly what the title means.

When did the story start being posted?

Page one was posted on November 11th of 2012. The story will conclude in the Spring of 2014.  A print version will be available in early 2014.  

What is your process like for making Shattered With Curve of Horn?

I’m planning a longer process post, but for the time being let’s just say that first I draw the pages traditionally in pencil and then pen and ink. Once finished I scan them in and then begin the long haul of coloring the pages individually. Word bubbles are added last, then the page is shrunk down for the internet and posted here.

Will you leave Shattered With Curve of Horn online forever?

No, Shattered With Curve of Horn’s lifespan as a webcomic is limited. As of right now I’m planning on pulling the free version of Shattered sometime mid-2014. It will remain online after its completion for a few months, but after it’s gone from Artagem the only way to access the story will be through the store as we make way for a brand new story on Artagem.

So How can I get a copy of Shattered With Curve of Horn then!?

Currently I am planning to self-publish the book with funds that were raised from a successful Kickstarter Campaign that ran from October 15th through November 14th, 2013. The print copy should be available after February, 2014. The Artagem Store will be open for business soon enough where physical and digital copies of Shattered With Curve of Horn can be preordered.